Invention Ideas and Prototype Sketches (Historical: 2011-2012)


Using projection to extend a workspace beyond the screen of your computer. An application running in any ocmputer's native OS would allow a user to drag windows off-screen to be projected on the wall beyond the computer. An optional touchpad might allow a user to have additional control on the positioning, size, and focus of the projections.

AR Googles

Adding additional cameras to the frame would allow a user to visualize their environment (in 360 deg.) without turning their head. For example, a designated facial gesture will bring a rear-view into focus. Also, embedded reflective particles (embedded into the lens on a nano-scale) would allow for retinal tracking to control the AR visualization. Split-adjusted image displays also offer a 3D environment to the user.

Restaurant of the Future

Browse the menu, input an order, and checkout all from your table. The food arrives on hidden overhead conveyer belts and your drink is refillable anytime. An efficient and well-designed system would alleviate front-of-house labor costs dramatically.

Foam Reduction

A well-kept secret for instantly reducing foam (e.g., beer foam, or, a glass of ale's "head"): oil. This mounted sponge-delivery method would ensures a tradition keg 'on tap' will not slow down bar service (too much), along with reduced wait times (for thirsty customers).

Translation Kiosk

Using Google Translate technology, this kiosk would allow to foreign-language-speaking individuals to easily communicate. While the concept could be even more efficient in a remote setting, this kiosk-like setup would alleviate the need translators in many business situations.

Solar Energy Magnified

A less-researched concept than many of the others on this page, this method for intesifying the solar energy being absorbed by solar cells could increase power input/output dramatically.

Mobile-captured Video on Demand by Geo-location

A mobile/web application that allows a user to post a request for any a video clip based on location (w/ direction). Then, users in the specified area (with the mobile app installed) will receive a notification displaying the requested location, length desired, and reward amount for capturing/uploading.

Peer-to-Peer Module for 'Social Fragmentation'

In this app (that I began calling, Grouplete), a user can drag one of six available aspects relative to a peer (options include: 'academic,' 'professional,' 'athletics,' 'friends,' 'interests,' and 'organizations') onto their peers profile, thus creating a dimensionally-selective visual represenation. Put simply, a peer can view the aspects they desire to see for another peer (incl. up to all six options) when viewing their online profile.